London Inline Marathon

London Inline Marathon 2018

Sunday 26th of August 2018, Lee Valley VeloPark
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

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The track

The track - Road Circuit at Lee Valley VeloPark

The blue line is the 1 mile circuit that we will be using, going anti-clockwise
The yellow sections are the spectator areas
The yellow box on the track is where the timing hut is located, as well as the start / finish line
The red and white "No Entry" circles block off shortened versions of the course
The "X" marks the main entrance, Cycle Surgery shop, entrance to LIM registration. and access to the track (participants only)

  • The road circuit at Lee Valley VeloPark is a purpose-built 1 mile closed road track, directly outside the Velodrome
  • Except during organised events the circuit is open for general public use by individuals and families for a fee.  
  • Unfortunately skating is not currently permitted on the track unless the circuit has been exclusively booked.

See the Lee Valley VeloPark website for more details.

There is an interactive map of the venue >>here<<, including an option to highlight the road circuit area.
Note: As per the interactive map, the event will include the pink, green and yellow sections marked out, totalling 1.6km (1 mile) per lap, and will be skated in an anti-clockwise direction

For those active on Strava, you can get a more detailed profile of the course by clicking on the link below:

Arriving at the VeloPark

Access to the registration desks, and the road circuit (race participants only) is to the right of the "Cycle Surgery" bicycle shop, and will be signed - see the point marked "X" in the map above

VeloPark Facilities

All facilities will be clearly marked.

We have full use of the Velodrome toilets, changing rooms with showers, and lockers for race participants - spectators will not be allowed beyond the registration area or on the track

We have a number of rooms available with a view of the track that will be used for registration as well as shelter for participants.
Personal belongings left here are at your own risk

Basic tea and coffee may be available (subject to approval) near the registration desk, and free water available.
There is a cafe upstairs in the Velodrome, serving sandwiches, snacks and drinks.
If you have special dietary requirements please bring any special food you need yourself.

There will be a water station for participants on the course, please make sure you drink sufficient water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Spectators / non-race participants

Due to capacity limitations, those not participating in the event (e.g. spectators) will be restricted to the spectator areas only (see track layout above), situated outside the upper concourse of the Velodrome, and on the bridge.
* Participants under the age of 18 can have one parent / guardian accompany them into the participants area (a wrist band will be issued in the registration pack)

For details on how to get here, click here

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